Once upon a time in Zombieland

Evolution Against Humanity is a zombie survival shooter. But how did the world come to be a zombie land? Well, no one remembers who threw the first bombs, but in the end no one could stop:

Somewhere around the year 2100, after the world had been hit by major pandemics, one or two natural disasters and, in many parts of the world, nuclear impacts, the planet ushered in its own kind of terraforming: Earthquakes, tornadoes, floods and record temperatures ranging from 65 degrees Celsius to -60 degrees Celsius devastated most of the habitable landmarks and with them cities.

Millions of people lost their lives and the world economy collapsed within a few weeks. Entire countries were taken over by the sea or nature, and still others disappeared into large craters. Most nuclear power plants were destroyed, leaving behind huge zones of radioactively contaminated land. Normal life was no longer conceivable.

Mankind rises from the ashes like a Phoenix

But since humans and animals are very adaptable, life soon resumed for a few survivors. Most found shelter in bunkers, which they were slow to leave again.

But: Ruins everywhere and where there is radiation, it quickly finds its victims.

The considerable cold spells caused further hardship, as many water supplies simply froze. Water could only be obtained from the snow, but this could also be radioactively contaminated. Food became increasingly scarce and many starved or miserably froze to death in their dwellings or bunkers. For a second time, the – already manageable – world economy collapsed within a few weeks. Those who were not consumed by hunger or the freezing cold contemplated taking their own lives. Rumours of cannibalism did the rounds.

Survival of the fittest in it’s pure form

About 50 years later, there were few inhabitants on Earth older than 62 – 65. The number of the human race was significantly diminished. Humans began to flock together in smaller communities, giving each other warmth and caring for each other as best they could – beyond that: everyone was their own person. One could rather compare it to the existence of early cave people, because technology and progress were no longer to be thought of. Doors had frozen shut, electricity was almost non-existent and education had become a luxury. It was a matter of survival.

In the meantime, after a more or less absence of the human race for many years, the earth had turned into a reasonably survivable terrain in many places on earth right there. The meadows became greener again, the forests healthier and the surviving but shrunken animal species went about their normal daily lives. Here and there there were still ruins pointing to the past civilisation.

A new paradise to be discovered

People discovered this new paradise. Those who had survived diligently tried their hand at reproduction, construction and, of course, advancing greed. Larger communities formed again, which did not necessarily like each other and fought each other in the old manner: for territory, for raw materials or simply out of greed. The population had grown a little in the meantime.

But when humanity was able to fall back on electricity and other technologies with the help of traditional knowledge, had armed itself again and some had regained a kind of prosperity, Nature and Earth sent a new pandemic into the race. This time it was not to remain with coughs, colds, hoarseness and pustules: No, they were to eat each other. The Earth had probably realised that the only thing that can stop man is man himself. You fight fire with fire, then you fight man with man… except that, according to our understanding today, they are no longer necessarily among the living.

Long story short: the virus was merciless and spread quickly. The still new civilisation, with its limited resources, lost most of its land area to the new threat within weeks. All it took was one bite from these slobbering, disparate creatures to die even within hours and walk the earth as a brain-dead creature.

Evolution Against Humanity: a Zombieland was born and you have to survive!

In a very short time, the population of Earth at around year 2175 was either dead or transformed. The entire population of the earth? No, a village populated by an indomitable community does not stop resisting the new danger! And perhaps there were others …

Only life on earth has never been so difficult: Can you master it and find the way out of hell? This is your mission, that is your destiny. Choose your paths wisely, only the strong and cunning adventurers will survive!

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