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Since our announcement, we have received a lot of feedback from you and some magazines regarding our upcoming zombie-survival-shooter. Of course we are very happy about that! Since we have noticed that you have many questions, often about the same topics, we have created a small Evolution Against Humanity FAQ collection.

Please note that this reflects the current or partly planned status. Depending on feedback and tests, this may change – after all, we are still Are-Alpha. But a common thread has emerged that we don’t want to withhold from you.

If your question is not included or an answer is not sufficient: Feel free to contact us!

1. Does the game have a real story, or is it just shooting around?

Evolution Against Humanity actually has quite a lot of story – for those who find it and like to follow it. Because you can’t experience it via NPC quests like in other games, but you have to find the tasks yourself. We don’t want to spoil too much at this point, so only this much: If you explore diligently, don’t ignore notes, sound recordings and, for example, pages from books, you will experience a self-contained story and numerous side quests. At the same time, there will be a kind of diary, which, however, is still incomplete…

Of course, we also want to let an NPC have his say from time to time. However, they will mostly serve as a source of direction and hints.

Some of our elements also lead our players into new areas that you wouldn’t find just like that – or only with a lot of luck. In any case, we do our best not to make it too easy. Other notes may also contain codes that allow you to open different areas only when you find them. We have some mysteries planned to explore.

2. Can I level up my character?

Yes and no. There will be no leveling as you know it from MMORPGs. Equipment will not be level-bound either. Instead, there will be a kind of achievement system. In addition, a skill system will be built in, with which some abilities can be improved. However, since we want to and have to pay a lot of attention to balancing, this will only be implemented step by step after considerable testing.

EAH Character

3. Will there be clans?

Yes, there will be a possibility to join together as a clan/guild and thus be able to communicate more easily with everyone. We call this communities. These communities will be able to build together in a certain radius and thus a kind of guild housing will be created.

There are still many ideas here, but they are still at the beginning. So this will also be a feature that will come with an update.

4. Can I drive vehicles?

There will be vehicles in EAH. However, these will not necessarily have much to do with the „normal“ vehicles on the real streets. Sure, 2 to 8 wheels, maybe some chains sometimes. All of them will need some kind of fuel, which is hard to get… and maybe you will have to find a four-legged friend to get ahead? 🙂

5. Can I modify weapons?

Sure, modifying weapons is even an important part of EAH. Here you can attach many tactical items to your firearms, or upgrade melee weapons with accessories. It will also be possible to change the skin.

6. Can I loot vehicles and other items?

All objects in EAH that can be opened should also be opened and looted. Only buildings will not always be accessible, this is simply due to the enormous effort we would have to put into this. But what is not, can still be.

7. Will there be different seasons?

Yes, we will have spring, summer, autumn and winter in the game and we will even adapt these to the real times GMT+1 as far as possible.

8. Will there be real snow and slush… dirt… will the world change?

This is also planned and adapted to the seasons and weather. Various items also get dirty over time and then no longer function as they should. In winter there will be a lot of snow. This should also remain – and the player as well as opponents and vehicles will leave traces.

EAH Environment

9. Are there also larger cities or do you always just walk through a forest?

There will also be larger ruins and cities. However, it is currently very difficult to say when and how they will look. In any case, we will bring several more updates. After all, the player should also explore and we don’t want to give everything away.

10. Where and when are we?

It writes a year sometime between 2100 and 2200 in Germany. The start is in RLP. New areas will be added all the time. How big the „open world“ will be is unfortunately not yet completely clear, but the areas are largely accessible without restrictions. One exception will be buildings here and there, but we want to keep that to a minimum. After all, the player should be able to explore and investigate as much as possible.

11. What about the survival-thingy: Can food go bad? Do you have to cook food? Are there diseases?

Food can go bad and become inedible. Perhaps there is also a poisonous berry or two? So there will probably be diseases as well as poisoning. In addition, one can bleed to death from an injury.
And to get nutritious food, you have to cook some of it.

12. Zombies are more normal or are there mutations like in Resident Evil?

As things stand, we will have both „normal“ zombies and mutants. In the regular open world, there will mostly be the more human zombies. These are not nearly as strong, but they like to appear in larger hordes.

Mutants are more likely to be found in more specific areas, but sometimes such a blob gets lost in one of the ruins. So you should always be careful in EAH. Danger can lurk around every corner or in every tree.

13. How does the loot spawning work and where do the players spawn?

Where items spawn is decided in the game design and built in by hand. Players will always spawn in a secured village as newcomers, later in a nearby village or – if available – in their own house.

14. Will there be boss fights and raids?

Boss fights and raids can take place anywhere. In the open world, in a bunker, in a tunnel or even in a building. Some enemies are simply impossible to kill alone, or only with extremely heavy losses. Therefore, it will be advisable to work in „raids“, which, however, does not necessarily require a group system but rather skilful team play.

15. Is team play or co-op encouraged?

In the beginning, each player will be able to fight his way through the world alone. So you can run alone or already with other players and loot everything you find. It is also possible to form a group, but this will at best have a positive effect on communication.

Later on, it should be a clear recommendation not to travel alone in certain areas or regions. But in these areas, on the one hand, the story will progress and on the other hand, one or two special items will be found.

16. Does the UI already exist?

The UI we show in videos and screenshots is still in test mode, but as shown, it is functional and „real“. Of course, this will change in the course of development or we will adapt it because of UX concerns. Here we also need to wait for our testing and feedback from alpha and beta testers.

17. There is open world PvP, is there also an arena?

There is no arena in the actual sense. In the world there are mostly areas where both PvP and PvE are possible and possibly necessary.

In certain safe spots (such as NPC-controlled townings) you can rest from all your exertions – PvP is deactivated there. Additional, the player can travel to maps that are only intended for PvP and on which one can let off steam.

We are also considering integrating events and offering a 1vs1, 3vs3 and 5vs5 system for this. As an incentive, there will be an info box for each player where a certain PvP status can be tracked.

18. How do you want to prevent ganking?

Ganking can quickly become a downfall, we know that and we keep an eye on it – on the other hand, a survival game without PvP is not a real survival and we therefore don’t want to do without it.

We have prepared special starting areas so that a new player can settle in and not be prevented from playing there by experienced players or trolls. If these areas are left, the players will not be able to participate in PvP for a certain period of time.

We are also considering adding a bounty system early on. Players can put a bounty on other players – or a bounty will be posted on the system.

19. Will there be a cover system?

As things stand at the moment, the player himself can hide but cannot use a real cover system. The opponents, however, will have a cover system.

20. You are new in the industry, what are you building on?

We are open about it: Yes, we are new. And then again, we’re not. After all, we’ve been accompanying the industry in various ways for more than 15 years, and we’ve supported numerous projects or worked on them for others.

So even though we are only now going public with our own project, we can look back on a long experience. We have a good network and a lot of expertise in areas that normally have to be bought in at great expense. This time, we just don’t advise other developers or publishers, but use our knowledge to pursue our very own vision. And we look forward every day to working on this vision and slowly making it palatable to the players.

21. I can’t wait: When do your release Evolution Against Humanity?

The next timestep for us will be the production-phase. We’ll be doing some demo testing and then we’ll be able to release alpha and beta versions. Early Access before Gold status is also planned. 

More exact dates will be announced as soon as we can. We will keep you updated at all times. 

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