Evolution Against Humanity Announced

It all started with a crazy idea: instead of advising other studios on founding companies, game development or publishing, we decided to start our own project. We are happy to introduce you to Evolution Against Humanity.

From now on, you will find all important information about content and features, screenshots, videos and important news about the new zombie survival shooter on this website.

Exploring an (un)familiar post-apocalyptic world

Evolution Against Humanity is set in a post-apocalyptic world. Topologically correct maps are exported from Google Maps and familiar buildings are recreated, naturally drawn from time and the catastrophes survived. We start with Rhineland-Palatinate and expand the maps further and further, depending on the progress of the story and the number of players.

Evolution Against Humanity

Ensure survival with farming and crafting

A game without farming and crafting was unthinkable for us, so both features are important parts of the game. They might even be the most important mechanics to stay alive. In the beginning, we will make it easy to get started. As the game progresses, however, both farming and crafting will become progressively more difficult and more demanding of the player.

Game progress through the achievement system

A basic „leveling“ system is a must-have in a game like this. However, the level should not depend on the player character as in MMORPGs, but rather represent a kind of achievement system. Only those who have explored special areas in the game, overcome certain hurdles, solved puzzles or defeated enemies can participate in the overall progress of the game.

In addition, it will be possible to develop skills, be it in the use of weapons or tools.

Evolution Against Humanity – the name says it all

In Evolution Against Humanity, the player will encounter a variety of opponents and challenges. They will have to compete with nature, with opponents made of flesh and blood (or what is left of it) and perhaps also with an AI-controlled heap of metal.

There always is a threat of hunger, frostbite and exhaustion. In order not to starve or die of thirst, the next source of food must also be constantly sought. For this, evolution has a partly familiar, partly surprisingly diverse animal world to offer.

Forming communities, building defences

We have come up with a diverse system for playing with or against each other – very much in the spirit of a survival shooter.

First of all, everyone can run around on their own. You can pitch your tent, light a fire (which might not always be the best idea) and play the lone-wolf. On the other hand, those who prefer to play in co-op can do so in groups. These are temporary and can include up to 10 players – although the essential aspects of the game can be mastered with far fewer players.

Players can gather together in a community beyond the groups to build a so-called community base and defences together. If more than 5 tents or houses are set up within a certain radius, a community is automatically formed. The community exists until the community base is destroyed. Advantage: If a player dies, he can revive himself in the next town or in his community base.

Players can also do housing. The houses can be used alone or shared with friends. The houses are secured with a code. So we want to encourage players to build their own permanent settlements that go beyond communities – after all, there is not much of the old ones left.

Pet system is integrated

We are integrating a pet system. According to the feedback we have received so far, it is unavoidable in a survival game not to give the player the option of having non-player companions in addition to fellow players. Starting with dogs and small bears, we will gradually integrate companions. And yes: we are also working on giving them the option to intervene in the action.

Evolution Against Humanity: More features to come

As former Blizzard employees, we strive to be what the studios used to be for us gamers: Fellow species! Nerds! Visionaries! Players who make games for players.

For this reason, there is no end in sight for us and we are constantly working on improvements and additions. Already there are some features that we haven’t mentioned yet. Why? Well, it’s simple: we don’t want to reveal everything yet. After all, Evolution Against Humanity lives from exploring the post-apocalyptic game world with all its surprises. We are also building in story elements and game mechanics that you can follow but don’t have to.

Are you ready for Evolution Against Humanity?

Last but not least, we would like to thank the Rhineland-Palatinate Media Foundation, which provided us with financial support for the creation of the prototype. Without this help, it would have taken us months longer to realise our ideas.

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